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Shooting reservation

Our Mission

As the demand for outdoor activities and campers increases due to the corona, BONFIRE proposes a camping style with a light car camper that is not a so-called ordinary large camper but is easy to drive even on narrow roads in Japan.

We have also prepared a plan that can flexibly respond to the ever-changing shooting conditions and a rental option for props that create a camping style.


Easy-to-understand pricing with the same price throughout the year

1st (24h): ¥ 22000 (tax included)

1h: ¥ 2200 (tax included) * From a minimum of 5 hours

* Long-term use discount is available. Please contact us for details.


Custom car & rooftop tent that looks great on the shoot

The size of the space is based on SUZUKI Every, which is unrivaled by other mini vehicles.

The front part is custom with the face of SUZUKI Jimny, which is popular as an outdoor light car, and the body is a classic popular color, chiffon ivory.

Fully painted .

Rooftop tents that are sure to stand out The tents are both lightweight and strong while ensuring a spacious space where even two adults can sleep comfortably.


Camping gear rental that creates an outdoor space

From the bonfire stand to cooking utensils and camping chairs, we will rent a set of camping gear that can produce a camping scene at a cheap price.


Vehicle dispatch, camping gear setting, fire starter service

Car delivery and pick-up services to the company and the shooting site are available for a flat rate of 3000 yen one way within the 23 wards of Tokyo and near Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture.

Please contact us for other locations.

If you have any concerns about opening and closing the roof tent, installing camping gear, or starting a bonfire, our staff will assist you for a fee. Please contact us for details.




​ Please send a keep request by email or chat.

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