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Camping gear rental
For 2 people (24h): ¥5500
For 1 additional person: ¥2750

The set that is all you need for camping.   You can rent a set at surprisingly low price.  The total camping gears are worth100,000 yen or more. 

Please be sure to clean and return the cooking utensils so that everyone can enjoy them for a long time.

Accompanied by pets
Once (maximum 2 nights 3 days): ¥5500

Only one pet can be carried at a time.  Please be sure to check that the toilet control is in place.  Be sure to put it in your own cage in the car.

If you use it for 3 days or more, an additional 500 yen will be charged per day from the 4th day. 

If the pet is other than dog or cat, please let us know the type just in case.

If a strong odor remains, such as when it is removed in the car or when it has a rough appearance, you will be responsible for the actual cost of cleaning.

Vehicle Dispatch Service
One way: ¥2200 Round trip: ¥3300

We will deliver and pick up your vehicle within the 23 wards of Tokyo and Kawaguchi City and Toda City in Saitama Prefecture.​ We can deliver the vehicle to Shimo Station and Akabane Station for free of charge.

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