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Picking Up and Returning Time: 8:00 am to18:00 pm.

A cleaning fee of ¥ 1100 will be added to the following.

Maximum Capacity of the car is 4 people.​​

When sleeping in the car, the maximum is 3 people.

Regular Season 



¥6600 half day (12h)  

¥9900 half day (12h)

¥9900 1 day (24h) 

¥12100 1 day (24h)  

​¥990 Extension Fee(1h) 

¥1210 Extension Fee (1h)

High Season 

Year-end and New Year holidays, end of March to early April, Golden Week, end of July to August, September Silver Week

It may change slightly depending on the calendar every year. Please check the calendar for details.



¥9900 half day (12h)

¥11000 half day (12h)

¥12100 1 day (24h)  

¥14300 1 day (24h) 

​¥1210 Extension Fee (1h)

¥1430 Extension Fee(1h)

​Long-Term Discount

Long-term discounts are applied to the vehicle price from 3 nights or more.

3 nights~:5%OFF

7 nights~:10%OFF

14 nights~:20%OFF

21 nights~:30%OFF

28 nights~:40%OFF


Basic Rental Fee includes...


-Car bed & Rooftop tent

-Car navigation system
-ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System)

(ETC card is not included. Please ask for further question.)
-Audio with TV
-700w portable power supply

-Mobile WIFI
-Electric blanket
-USB Fan

-Window shades

Vehicle Dispatch Service Fee

Within 23 wards of Tokyo + Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture (one way): ¥2200

* For Haneda Airport +Highway tolls

Pet companion fee

Once (up to 3 days): ¥5500

* Only one pet with toilet control

* Please be sure to put it in the cage in the car.

Camping Gear Rental Fee

Basic camping set (24h / 2 people): ¥5500

・ Sleeping bag + inner sleeping bag (for 2 people)

・ Fire pit set

・ One set of cooking utensils (for 2 or 3 people)

・ Tableware, cutlery (for 2 people)

・ LED lantern

・ Camping chairs (2 legs)


Additional sleeping bag & chair & tableware set (for 1 person): ¥2750

Cancellation Policy

Free up to 7 days before the reservation date

5 to 2 days before the reservation date :50% of the reservation fee

The day before the reservation date :80 % of the reservation fee

100% of the usage fee on the day of reservation

* In case of unseasonable weather such as hurricane or sudden illness, we accept changes of the date for once.

About Insurance

Our rental cars are covered by the following insurance.

          -Personal compensation: Unlimited per person   

          -Objective compensation: Unlimited per accident

          -Vehicle compensation:  2 million yen

         (Disclaimer amount 100,000 yen)

          -Personal injury: 30 million yen


 If any of the following examples apply, you will be responsible

 for the full amount.

  • If you did not report the accident to the police (if you do not have an accident certificate)

  • Accident caused by driving by a person other than the person who requested at the time of reservation

  • Accident due to unlicensed driving

  • Accident due to drunk driving

  • Accident when the rental period is delayed without permission

  • When the customer is responsible for use and management

  • If you make a settlement regarding accident without permission

  • When there is a violation of other matters listed in the loan agreement, etc.

Non-Operation Charge


In the unlikely event that an accident, theft, breakdown, stain, etc. occurs and the vehicle needs to be repaired or cleaned, the following amount will be borne as business compensation during that period. (Please note that it is different from the out-of-pocket amount of insurance compensation.)


If you rent a car and return it to the store: 20,000 Yen


If you cannot run on your own with a rental car and it is not returned to the store: 50,000 yen

NOC will be charged in the following cases, even outside of accidents.  Please be aware of the following.

・ The odor remained in the car by carrying kerosene, etc.

・ The odor of pets remained

・ Liquid was spilled on the sheet and got wet or stained

・ Magnets such as the beginner's mark on the hood etc.       melted and adhered, the paint peeled off

・The driver became inoperable due to injury, etc.

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